Complete Name: Jonathan Gregory Brandis

Nationality: American

Born: April 13, 1976

Died: November 12, 2003

Age: 27 years

Occupation: Actor, director and screenwriter

Place of Death: Los Angeles, United States

Cause of Death:


How JONATHAN BRANDIS died: Bradis fue una de las jóvenes estrellas de Hollywood de los años 80, su fama llegó cuando, a sus 14 años, protagonizó The NeverEnding Story II: The Next Chapter.

For 2003, although Brandis was not short of work, he had been suffering from a severe depression for years, because he felt he did not have enough work opportunities.

Apparently, seeing the final cut of the film “The War of Hart” Brandi became depressed even more, since several of the scenes that had made for the film were eliminated. This led him to manifest on different occasions his desire to end his life and took refuge in alcohol.

On November 11, 2003, a friend of Brandis called the police to report that the actor hanged himself at home in a suicide attempt. The help arrived quickly, but in the hospital, the doctors could not do anything to save him.

Jonathan Brandis was pronounced dead at 02:45 am on November 12.

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