Complete Name: Ludwig van Beethoven

Nationality: German

Born: December 16, 1770

Died: March 26, 1827

Age: 57 years

Occupation: Composer and orchestra director

Place of Death: Vienna

Cause of Death:


How BEETHOVEN died: A multisystemic failure, product of the liver failure suffered by the great musician, would be, according to modern medicine, the cause of his death.

From a very young age, Beethoven suffered an endless number of ailments and was treated by different doctors, without success. The musician suffered chronic abdominal pains, liver cirrhosis, kidney problems, depression, deafness and many more ailments that made his life more difficult.

On the day of his death a great storm broke out and, according to Hüttenbrenner’s testimony, Beethoven opened his eyes and raised a fist after a bright lightning, then dropped it, already dead. Three days later it was his funeral, which convened about 20.000 people, and his remains are in the Zentralfriedhof cemetery in Vienna.

Beethoven wished that after his death, his remains were used to determine his suffering and this way prevent others from having the same suffering. For this reason, after his death, and for many years, different investigations were carried out that determined the different ailments he suffered. It was finally discovered that he had high levels of lead in his body and, although it is hypothesized that this was the cause of his death, is not proven, this only explains his stomach distress, depression and kidney conditions.

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