Complete Name: Johan Sebastian Bach

Nationality: German

Born: March 31, 1685

Died: July 28, 1750

Age: 65 years

Occupation: Musician and composer

Place of Death: Leipzig, Germany

Cause of Death:


How JOHANN SEBASTIAN BACH died: He belonged to a family of outstanding and important musicians of his time, and his fame was due to his excellent mastery of different musical instruments.

During much of his life, Bach had problems with his eyesight, in fact, in his last years of life he became progressively blind, so he underwent two operations that were unsuccessful, as his visual condition worsened markedly.

By 1750, his last year of life, Bach was already completely blind and, after the operations his state was delicate. His condition worsened to such an extent that he fell into coma for 10 days until he finally died after 6:00 pm on July 28.

It is said that the cause of his death may have been a stroke aggravated by pneumonia, or a septic complication that occurred after the last surgery. On the other hand, it is believed that the cause of her blindness was untreated diabetes, although it is also attributed to her having blepharitis, but none of these hypotheses have been confirmed.

Their remains were transferred twice to different places, and since 1950 they are in the church of St. Thomas, in Leipzig, Germany.

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