Complete Name: Lewis Brian Hopkins Jones

Nationality: British

Born: February 28, 1942

Died: July 03, 1969

Age: 27 years

Occupation: Musician, songwriter and composer

Place of Death: Hartfield, Sussex, England

Cause of Death:


How BRIAN JONES died: Extraordinary musician and founder of the Rolling Stones, Brian Jones, had been expelled from the group. The other members made the decision because they could not cope with their constant drug abuse.

Although Jones’ death remains a mystery, what is really known is that the incident happened in the early hours of July 3 at his home.

There are different versions about the facts, some claim it was a murder and others it was suicide. One of the most listened is that of his girlfriend, Anna Wohlin, who stated that she was with Jones at his house with another couple, and after a few drinks they decided to enter the pool. The two men were alone in the water, and when Wohlin returned to the pool, found Brian still in the bottom. She claimed that when Jones was taken out of the pool he still had a pulse, but the ambulance came too late.

The forensic report detailed that it was an “accidental death.”

At the funeral were only two members of the Rolling Stones (Watts and Wyman). Jones was buried in the Cheltenham cemetery, ten feet deep. His body was embalmed, his hair bleached and placed in an airtight metal casket.

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