Complete Name: George Harold Harrison

Nationality: British

Born: February 25, 1943

Died: November 29, 2001

Age: 58 years

Occupation: Musician, composer, singer, musical and cinematographic producer.

Place of Death: Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles (United States)

Cause of Death:


How GEORGE HARRISON died: In 1990 George Harrison was diagnosed with cancer, and then began a long battle against the disease, achieving positive results on several occasions, initially having cancer in the mouth and then lung.

In 2001, cancer reappeared, but this time metastasized to Harrison’s brain. For this reason, the British musician underwent strong treatments in Switzerland and New York, but in November of that year, confirmed that the disease was already in terminal stage. At this point Harrison decided to spend his last days with his family, friends and working on some pending projects for his son and wife to finish them.

After saying farewell to his friends and family, Harrison spent his last days at Paul McCartney’s mansion in Hollywood Hills, where he died on November 29.

The remains of the Beatles guitarist were cremated and, although it has been said that their ashes were scattered in the Ganges River, the family has not confirmed so far.

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