Complete Name: Karl Heinrich Marx

Nationality: German

Born: May 05, 1818

Died: March 14, 1883

Age: 64 years

Occupation: Philosopher, sociologist, historian, economist and politician

Place of Death: London

Cause of Death:


How KARL MARX died: Along with Friedrich Engels, Marx is considered as the father of scientific socialism, modern communism, Marxism and historical materialism. He is currently best known for his writing, The Communist Manifesto.

After the death of his wife at the end of 1881, Marx contracted a strong influenza that maintained in a delicate state of health and it caused its death in 1883.

Apparently, his health had deteriorated since 1877, as he had constant relapses with the influenza that, according to his writings date back several years.

To his delicate state of health, it was added that in January of 1883 his oldest daughter died. That fact left Marx depressed and even weaker. During this time Marx developed severe bronchitis and pleuritis that ended his life in March of that same year.

His funeral took place on March 17 and was attended by nine to eleven people. Karl Marx is buried next to his wife in the cemetery of Highgate, in London.

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