Complete Name: Jules Bianchi

Nationality: French

Born: August 03, 1989

Died: July 17, 2015

Age: 25 years

Occupation: Pilot

Place of Death: Nice, France

Cause of Death:


How JULES BIANCHI died: The young Formula 1 rider died in his hometown Nice, nine months after a tragic accident at the 2014 Japan Grand Prix.

On October 5, 2014, Bianchi suffered a serious accident when he lost control of his vehicle because it had rained and the conditions of the track were dangerous with wet asphalt. The pilot hit a crane that was pulling another car off the circuit. Unconsciously, Bianchi was transferred to Mie General Hospital, where he was hospitalized under a very critical condition, as he had a severe brain injury.

A month after the accident, in November, Bianchi was transferred to Nice. At that time, he had symptoms of recovery and, although he fought an arduous battle for several months against the wounds and injuries caused by the accident, he could not win. The young pilot died on July 17, 2015, shortly before his birthday.

His funeral took place in the Cathedral Sainte-Réparate, on July 21 and attended numerous personalities of F1.

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