Complete Name: Ernesto Guevara

Nationality: Argentinian

Born: May 14, 1928

Died: October 09, 1967

Age: 39 years

Occupation: Political, medical and diplomat

Place of Death: The Higueras, Bolivia

Cause of Death:


How CHE GUEVARA died: The leftist militancy of Che Guevara led him to form part of the opposition against Perón, and to travel through countries like Peru, Ecuador, Venezuela and Guatemala, only to discover that the predominant element in the masses of Spanish America was misery. For this reason, in 1955, while in Mexico he joined the revolutionary mission of the Castro brothers. However, after being installed the new regime in Cuba and to play positions of great relevance, Guevara decided to extend the revolution to other countries of Latin America.

By 1966, he resumed guerrilla activity in Bolivia along with his National Liberation Army, but the result was not as expected, was found with apathy and without any popular support, in addition to being rejected by the communist organizations of the country.

Che Guevara was isolated in a jungle region of Bolivia when he was betrayed by peasants, which led him to fall into an army ambush where he was wounded, captured and executed. His body was exposed, people were photographed with him and then buried in secret.

Since 1997, the remains of Che Guevara rest in Cuba, where they were buried with all honors by the regime of Fidel Castro.

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