How JESUS Died

How JESUS Died

Complete Name: Jesus of Nazareth

Nationality: Israelite

Born: 4 BCDied: 30/33 AD

Age: 33 years

Occupation: Preacher

Place of Death: Jerusalem

Cause of Death:


How JESUS died: According to the different sources that make reference to this fact, Jesus died crucified by order of Pontius Pilate, who for the moment fulfilled functions of Roman prefect in Judea; however, there is no certainty of the cause of his death.

Over time, different theories have been developed about the cause of his death. There are researchers who believe that it was the product of a “broken heart,” because they are based on the evangelical story that tells how, from the wound of Jesus flows water and blood. According to these investigators, this may be due to the fact that he received a blow to the chest during the execution.

There is another theory in which it is established that it was by asphyxia, since apparently, this was a typical cause of death in cases of crucifixion. However, this theory was denied after that, since 1980 at Columbia University experiments were conducted to determine its truthfulness, which ended up proving that crucifixion does not induce asphyxia.

Many now claim that Jesus death could be triggered by different reasons, such as hypovolemic shock due to hemorrhage caused by flogging, sepsis or, among other reasons, extreme tiredness, which can cause cardiac arrest.

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