Complete Name: Grace Patricia Kelly

Nationality: American

Born: November 12, 1929

Died: September 14, 1982

Age: 52 years

Occupation: Princess Consort of Monaco and Actress

Place of Death: Monaco

Cause of Death:


How GRACE KELLY died: Her death took place after suffering a traffic accident, when she returned to Monaco from her country house. Kelly was traveling with her daughter Stéphanie, who left unscathed from the tragic accident.

Kelly was rescued and entered Princess Grace Hospital Center, was still alive, but unconscious. The following day, the 14 of September of 1982, the princess unfortunately died without regaining the knowledge.

Rumors affirmed that who was driving that fateful day was not Grace, but his daughter Stéphanie, in spite of not being the suitable age. However these rumors could never be confirmed.

Kelly, during her career as an actress went on to participate in 11 film productions, and once she won the Oscar for best actress. On the other hand, as a princess, she helped to improve tourism in Monaco, which influenced her economy positively, but her most important work was the one she served as president of the Red Cross.

Her funeral was multitudinous, and took place in the Saint Nicholas Cathedral, Monaco. Her remains rest in the mausoleum of the Grimaldi Family.

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