Complete Name: Charles John Huffam Dockens

Nationality: British

Born: February 07, 1812

Died: Jun 09, 1870

Age: 58 years

Occupation: writer

Place of Death: Gads Hill Place, Inglaterra

Cause of Death:


How CHARLES DICKENS died: With an impressive success as a writer, Dickens worked excessively to cover the demand of his readers and to reach their expectations. This, in addition to his constant problems on a personal level, led him to suffer a stroke that caused a death at a young age.

By 1850, Dickens’ health was already weakened and, after the death of his father, his sister and a daughter, became much worse.

Charles Dickens’ desire was that, at his death, his remains should be buried in the cathedral of Rochester, without any luxuries and privately; however, after his death on June 9, 1870, his body was buried in the “Corner of the Poets” at Westminster Abbey.
A year before his death, Dickens wrote a will in which he left specific instructions for the distribution of his fortune, including all his service personnel.
Charles Dickens was one of the best known writers of universal literature and a master of the narrative genre, whose work is still in force.

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