Complete Name: Isaac Asimov

Nationality: American

Born: January 02, 1920

Died: April 06, 1992
Age: 72 years

Occupation: Writer and Professor of Biochemistry

Place of Death: Brooklyn, New York (United States)

Cause of Death:


How ISAAC ASIMOV died: In the biography of his second wife, Janet Jeppson Asimov, she claims that the death of Isaac Asimov was caused by AIDS, a disease he contracted in 1983 through a blood transfusion he received during a vascular bypass operation.

Surgery helped the writer live with angina pectoris for five years, but after recovering, his health gradually declined to death.A new surgery had been recommended, but when he was diagnosed with AIDS, it had to be canceled.

Asimov was a well-known writer in the world. His science fiction novels were impeccable, in fact, some of her were taken to the movies. But his writing not only came to science fiction, he also wrote about chemistry and history, which led him to receive numerous awards and fourteen doctorates Honoris Causa.

By 1983, his health was very deteriorated, he already had kidney failure and his heart was very weak as a result of AIDS. He finally suffered cardiac arrest and died with his wife at his side.

His remains were cremated.

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