Complete Name: John Kennedy Toole

Nationality: American

Born: December 17, 1937

Died: March 26, 1969

Age: 31 years

Occupation: Writer

Place of Death: Biloxi, United States

Cause of Death:


How JOHN KENNEDY TOOLE died: Famous for his comic novel A Confederacy of Dunces. He committed suicide at age 31, depressed for not having been able to publish his work.

Toole used his life experiences to write the novel, which he himself called his Masterpiece. When he finished it, decided to send it to an editorial, but he was rejected for not really dealing with anything; however, the real reason was that the book touched too sensitive subjects.

This caused a great disappointment in the young Toole, who progressively neglected his work responsibilities and leaning more and more to drink, finally sinking into a deep depression, which led him to make the decision to end his life on March 26 1969.

Toole left a note before dying, but his mother decided to break it because she felt ashamed, in fact, she did not inform the death of her son, until several days later. Few people attended his funeral.

After the death of the writer, his mother was in charge of that its work was published, objective that obtained 12 years later, in 1980. The novel had an imminent success and is in 1981 when it receives the Prize Pulitzer of fiction.

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